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Yearend Growth Softens

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research The global economic expansion softened somewhat at the end of 2021, according to the latest PMIs, as the COVID pandemic continues to present challenges to the outlook. The global composite (services and manufacturing)…

Market News

What Equity Investors Need to Know About Inflation

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research Shocking Headline Last week’s Consumer Price Index report surprised economists. The CPI jumped 6.2% versus a year earlier, its fastest pace since November 1990. The core CPI rose 4.6.%, its highest since August…

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Live Market Update November 2021

Missed the webinar? We’ve got you covered! Now more than ever, we know investors are looking for ways to cut through the noise. As research and portfolio strategy partners, Ned Davis Research and Trek Financial look to find new…

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Your Supply Chain Questions Answered

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research Global supply chain delays and shortages have become one of the most discussed topics on Wall Street, and Main Street, in recent months. The disfunction in supply chains has been evident in global…

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COVID Stimulus is Ending, Should We Worry?

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research A Year of Extremes 2020 was a year of economic extremes, including a very short but deep global recession. The stimulus response was no exception. Fiscal stimulus among developed economies brought upon by…