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Is Inflation Peaking?

One lesser-known indicator is called the Baltic Dry Index. You see it in prices at the grocery store and the gas station. You feel it in your monthly budget. So why don’t the financial markets seem too concerned about…


The Quiet Fall in Bond Yields

What’s behind the quiet fall in bond yields? With all the attention given to inflation, stock prices, and job reports, it’s been easy to overlook the remarkable move in the bond market during the past few months. The yield…


Investor Sentiment is Shifting

This year, markets have experienced an odd phenomenon. A recent survey shows that 63% of investors are more interested in protecting their financial assets and planning for uncertainty in the future than anything else.1  There are many reasons for…

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Are Americans Saving Too Much?

American spending habits have taken a clear direction. Among the many changes arising from the pandemic, one of the most noticeable was a change in American spending habits. A survey released in March 2021 by Pew Research shows that…

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The Emergence of ESG Investing

How generational and societal change is influencing companies and the markets.    ESG: what does that acronym stand for? Those three letters stand for “Environmental, Social, and Governance” and signify an investment that has particular merit to investors of…

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Global Manufacturing: A V-shaped recovery

Guest Post by Ned Davis Research Global manufacturing continued to show strong signs of recovery in September following the COVID-induced lockdowns earlier in the year, giving us further signs that the global recession is over. The global manufacturing PMI…